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Vendor Inspection/TPI Services

Unlike many other industrial sectors, large construction projects in oil & gas, refinery, petrochemical and power industries involve the purchase of a vast number of critical items supplied by many different manufacturers around the world.

These items range from raw material to finished products. The diversity of these items include pipes and tubes; equipment ranging from valves, process skids, pumps, turbines, tanks, motors, control panels; components to boilers, motors, engines for anything from lifting equipment to reactor vessels, electrical and instrumentation equipment.

Any purchase carries embedded risk. If a part is faulty and is not detected at the source, the risk of something going wrong becomes embedded within the new asset, and will have significant impact on the schedule of the projects. Quality, Safety, and Schedule are keys for successful execution of any project. It is of vital importance to check at the vendor facility for the quality compliance of every single item, no matter how small it is.

Our inspectors will identify and suggest solutions to problems earlier in the supply process, saving you rework and replacement costs as well as ensuring that your product or plant is delivered on time.

NDT/NDE Services

Engrity Group operates NDT/NDE services under Vingrity NDT & Technical Inc., providing comprehensive non-destructive testing and examination solutions for various industries all over Canada.

Why Vendor Inspection

The complex supply chains need to be managed in a way that minimizes risk, reduces cost and delay, improves safety and quality, and ensures compliance with local and international standards. All these considerations make quality vendor inspection services essential.

Why Vendor Inspection by Engrity

Our qualified local teams are familiar with inspection of different kinds of supplies such as materials, fabricated components, pressure equipment, machinery, electrical and instrumentation equipment, etc. Engrity vendor inspection division has an extensive network of inspectors in Canada and North America.

We can ensure your products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around North America. We hold extensive network, agreements and our knowledge of expertise in overcoming regulatory, market, and supply chain hurdles are unrivaled.

We can provide service from one-day visits to long-term residencies. Our technical specialists are on hand to carry out inspection, progress reporting, and verification services whenever and wherever you need them.

Precision Assurance:

Your Inspection Ally

Engrity Group excels in vendor and third-party inspection, ensuring flawless procurement by identifying issues early on. Setting new benchmarks, we guarantee superior quality, safety, and on-time delivery. Choose us for a procurement journey that exceeds expectations and sets your project on a path to success.


Engrity Group Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services, with Engrity Inspection Services standing out as a key division. Headquartered in Edmonton, this full-service inspection company extends its expertise not only throughout Canada but also across the globe.


Engrity is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified & COR Certified


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