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Competent Inspectors

Delivering Confidence through Competent QA/QC Inspectors, Ensuring Impeccable Quality Every Time.

Assignment Completion

Ensuring excellence through meticulous assessment, we are your QA/QC partner, committed to enhancing project precision and quality.

Excellent Communication

Fostering success through clear correspondence, we prioritize excellent communication to drive seamless collaboration and understanding.

Competitive Rates

Delivering superior value with competitive rates, we make quality services accessible while never compromising on excellence.

Extended Support

Going beyond the norm, our extended support ensures your peace of mind, providing assistance that stretches beyond expectations.


QA/QC Inspection

Vendor Inspection


Project Management



About Us

When Engrity opened its doors in 2011 the Inspection landscape was truly a different place. It was a challenge to get consistent performance from one inspection team to the next and Engrity saw an opportunity to make a difference.

We proposed the question? What if we could provide consistent screening and build a team of inspectors and managers who not only had certifications but are qualified, highly skilled and actually care about our clients? Engrity was born.

Today, Engrity is changing the landscape on how an inspection company can be. Building relationships has always been the key to our success, every new bridge as important as the last. At Engrity, client trust and relationships area key value and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

We source the best trained inspectors on the biggest projects. Engrity uses a 5-step internal screening process to make sure that you get the most qualified inspectors for your projects time and time again. We work with local and remote talent to make sure that we always have the right person for the right job and we will work with your team to accommodate even the most challenging project requirements.

From Visual Inspection to Civil, NACE, E&I and NDT we have all your inspection bases covered. We are truly your one stop inspection shop for your next project.

Partner With us Today!

At Engrity, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized inspection services designed to meet your specific needs, be it long-term, short-term, or even over the weekend. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond inspections — our adept project management ensures a seamless integration into your projects, guaranteeing not just precision but also efficiency.

Imagine a service that not only understands your unique requirements but goes a step further to coordinate inspections with your project timelines. Engrity strives to make this a reality, offering timely and comprehensive results that instill confidence.

Choosing Engrity means choosing a partner dedicated to your satisfaction. Our customer-centric approach blends personalized inspections with efficient project coordination, providing you with peace of mind and assurance. Elevate your experience with Engrity — where precision meets efficiency for your ultimate satisfaction.


New Engrity Web App

Engrity tackles challenges in the heavy industrial sector with an upcoming collaborative app. This innovative solution addresses workforce shortages, streamlines hiring processes, and enhances project efficiency. Engrity’s app fosters real-time communication and transparency, creating a self-sustained ecosystem for General Contractors, DSPs, and Technical Resources. Launching in 2024, this transformative tool promises to revolutionize the industry, offering unprecedented efficiency and accessibility. Brace for a new era in heavy industry with Engrity’s cutting-edge solution.


“Great Service. Great people. We have always been extremely happy with the service that Engrity has provided us. The professionalism that Engrity Inspectors provide really makes you feel as though they are part of your team. I would recommend Engrity to any company that requires highly knowledgeable, fully certified, hard-working, competent Inspectors for a very fair wage. This company has always been able to deliver, even at a moments notice on a tight schedule. I look forward to all of our future endeavors.”


Providing highly trained and competent personnel are what these guys are about. A company that caters to the demands of their clients, never failing on delivery. Even on short notice and given tight deadlines, these guys always deliver. I would recommend Engrity’s services to anyone seeking reliability and professionalism, knowing the job will get done correctly, on time, on budget, and in a safe manner. Five Stars all around!



Engrity’s service to AECOM has been exceptional! They are quick to respond to our resourcing needs and helpful with last minute requests. Engrity resources are knowledgeable, work well with our onsite construction teams and ensure our client’s requirements are achieved. I would recommend the use of Engrity for any future contracts.



Engrity Group Inc. offers a comprehensive range of services, with Engrity Inspection Services standing out as a key division. Headquartered in Edmonton, this full-service inspection company extends its expertise not only throughout Canada but also across the globe.


Engrity is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified & COR Certified


201-9403 63 Ave NW,

Edmonton, AB  T6E 0G2

Phone: 1 (780) 800-6297

Email: info@engrity.com


200-7404 King George Blvd,

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